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Project Ash - personal work

Realtime In UDK unreal engine - Maya, Xnormal, Photoshop & UDK

An environment surrounding a mysterous hidden base where prototype tanks are being developed. A stone path leads to an entrance on a hill side that reveals a corridor. From here the scene opens up to a bunker room where the tanks are stored. Tank based on concepts by massive black, inc.

Ash01 Ash02 Ash04 Ash05 Ash06 Ash07


A 'fly through' video of my Project Ash scene. Unreal's kismet and matinee system was used to drive the cinematic. All artwork was done by myself except for the particles and ambient sounds, which is by Epic Games.

For a high definition version of the video please click here.


Tank based on concepts by massive black, inc - realtime from Marmoset 2 engine

Maya, Xnormal, Photoshop - 2048 texture - 9758 tris

Prop01 Prop02

High poly version used for normal map generation

Prop03 Prop04

2048 textures, yellow tank version shown


Example of static meshes used to compose the scene - Maya Viewport